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AP Calculus AB

An interactive log for students and parents in my AP Calculus class. This ongoing dialogue is as rich as YOU make it. Visit often and post your comments freely.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Blogging On ... Blogging On Blogging!

( ^_^ ) Get it?! haha.

I guess it's about time to put some humor on this since we do have an audience. Hope everyone's enjoying it btw!

Here's my blog so I can put that "yes" on the first question on the page:

Probably everyone in the class knows, that I'm one of the people taking both Calculus and Pre-Cal 40S. I have to admit, that I was very intimidated, at first, as the first few weeks of calculus have started. For one, my summer was so full of memories that my mathematical knowledge somehow slipped away :S (very bad, I know). Second, everything seemed so new to me that my brain was crammed with so much new information each day. It's pretty hard to learn all these new terms such as logarithms when, pretty much, it's review for most of the people in the class. For example, logarithms. Last night, I remember doing my homework and attempted to catch up on some homework since my book went missing. I was doing the section on logarithms. The first couple of questions were pretty easy, but when I came to questions with the words "log" or "ln" everything became much more confusing. I kept telling myself, "A LOGARITHM IS AN EXPONENT!" But afterwards I told myself, "O.k. .... then what?!" (Now I feel like Mr. K, cramming that phrase into your head). I remember reading over the introduction a couple times but, based on my VARK test, I'm not that kind of learner. The next morning, I asked Mr.K for some help during lunch and of course, he agreed. I came right after third period and got ready to learn about logs. By the end of lunch, I finally understood it! *bows down* (Thanks Mr. K!) What helped me with logs are these properties:

1. logb(xy) = logbx + logby
2. logb(x/y) = logbx - logby
3.logbxr = rlogbx

(Note: They're very helpful- trust me)

Maybe some of you didn't know this, but I was this close: → ← (see the space?) to dropping out the course :S. I found it hard and difficult to put all this new information in my head in such a short period of time. I guess I just wanted to give up and my brain was still in "summer mode". I really don't like giving up on anything that I know i could do. It's getting much easier though and a lot more helpful for pre-cal. I learn something new in calculus class and when I go to pre-cal, I'm learning the exact same thing, but more thoroughly! Unfortuanetly, it probably won't be like this the entire year, but I'm ready! So in conclusion, I'm staying in calculus!
I guess that wraps everything up for my blog.
-me :)

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