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AP Calculus AB

An interactive log for students and parents in my AP Calculus class. This ongoing dialogue is as rich as YOU make it. Visit often and post your comments freely.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Scribe Post from a very long time ago

My bad. I’m sorry this is late. I don’t even remember what day I’m scribing for. But I do remember what happened. I think this is for Monday. That day we were suppose to write our pre-test, but due to many of us not done our homework, it was post-poned. The whole class was spent on doing the homework. Kind of shameful don’t you think? Instead of having to have learned about Chapter 3 on Wednesday, we learned it on Thursday? Well I guess homework check is a great idea, it keeps us on track. Like Mr. K said, none of you have written an exam like the AP Calculus exam. If you think the Pre-Cal 40S Provincial Exam is hard, then the AP exam for this class doesn’t even come close to the provincial. It’s hard. I’ll admit that. But maybe if we put a lot more effort into getting our homework done, just maybe it wouldn’t be so hard.

“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”

- Thomas Edison

I think that quote fits very well don’t you think? To perspire, we need to work hard. If genius is 99% of it, imagine how much we have to work hard?

Well I’m off to finish typing up my blog for the other blog, it should be up by tonight. Hopefully. Hope you guys had a great weekend.

P.S. Happy Advance Halloween. I kinda have to dress up, so no one better make fun of me tomorrow when I come to class :P

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