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AP Calculus AB

An interactive log for students and parents in my AP Calculus class. This ongoing dialogue is as rich as YOU make it. Visit often and post your comments freely.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

More on the derivative, and some blocked sites

In today's class, we went into the Mac lab to do an online assignment that Mr. K wanted us to do while he was away today. It was more of a look at the derivative and derivative functions. The problem was that the school's server blocked access to the first page and almost all of the images, thus greatly reducing the material for us to look over. I would go into a long explanation on what happened and the material, but other than what I've already said, I believe thats all.(Next time its my turn, I'm sure that I'll have more material to write on)

Tommorows scribe is.... I'll roll dice on it..... and the dice say Xun.

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  • At 10:43 PM CDT, Blogger Mr. Kuropatwa said…

    Ouch! Sorry about that folks. I'll have to talk to Mr. VanCryenest about getting those sites unblocked.


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