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AP Calculus AB

An interactive log for students and parents in my AP Calculus class. This ongoing dialogue is as rich as YOU make it. Visit often and post your comments freely.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Be an Optimist

"The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."

Again, my first sentence have nothing to do with my scribe but I just don't know how to start.

First off, we reviewed continuity. You can say informally that functions are not continuous if you have to lift you pencil to draw them. The formal definition is:

    • f(c) exist
    • lim f(x) exists
    • x-> c
    • f(c) = lim f(x)
      • x->c

After the short review, we did the test on limits. The class decided that we do this test like a pre test where we do it ourselves in 20 min. or so and then talk to our classmates about it. Personally I find it hard at first but I get it somehow after we talked.

Well like I said there is hope if we don't understand things. Look for opportunities and use them wisely.

The next scribe is.....

Français/French Deutsch/German Italiano/Italian Português/Portuguese Español/Spanish 日本語/Japanese 한국어/Korean 中文(简体)/Chinese Simplified Nederlands/Dutch


  • At 12:14 AM CDT, Anonymous Mr. Kuropatwa said…

    You sure do know how to start a post. That was a great quote!


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